Exposition The Illusion of Reality, Bologna (Italy)

29 Nov 2014

Grand Opening of the Exposition The Illusion of Reality Galleria De Marchi, Bologna 29 nov - 12 dec 2014


Curated by Alessio Boschi and Silvana Boschi Pelle, The De Marchi Gallery is located in the historical center of Bologna. It offers a contemporary, elegant space for exhibitions of paintings and sculpture.


The De Marchi Gallery works in close partnership with Paola Trevisan, art critic and curator of Trevisan International Art (TIA). As a globally leading network of exceptionally gifted contemporary visual artists, TIA currently has over 140 artist members from more than 40 countries.


A very inspiring title for the exhibition to an artist. The reality is perceived by our senses. Always it is the combination of stimuli that creates the image, the illusion in our minds: senses interact, they do not operate in isolation. In my paintings I wanted to express this notion, therefor the title of this serie is “the series of the senses.“


With my contribution, four paintings, oil on linnen 20 x 20, I brought four senses to the exhibition: taste, smell, hearing and touch. The spectators bringing the fifth sense: sight. Thus creating their own individual and very private illusion of reality.


I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of making paintings much smaller than I am used to, using the vibrant coulours I love. Thank you Paola Trevisan for inviting me, it was nice and inspiring to work with you.