Art Square Amsterdam

14 Apr 2016

Guest of Hermitage Amsterdam Museum, april 14th - 17th 2016 (10:00 - 17:00 hrs) Admission Free.


A group of 40 international artists will be presenting their work in an exclusive pavillion, situated at the inner courtyard of the famous Amsterdam Hermitage Museum.


For the public, this exposition combines the exclusivity of a gallery, the quality of a museum and the intimacy of an artist's studio.

To the artists it is a stepping stone for musea and internationally renowned galleries.


Two of my recent paintings will be on display at this surprising exposition: "The Calm after the storm", Oil on Linen, 180 x 80, aluminium frame, 2016 and "BirdCalls", Oil on Linen, 170 x90, aluminium frame, 2016.

"Sunset, dunes of Wassenaar", Oil on Linen, 180 x 80, 2015 (a spare one)


"The Calm after the storm"; After the storm has gone and there is still a distant rumble, the beach is a fresh place for new beginnings or where life can resume its normal pace. Sounds familiar?


"BirdCalls"; In de middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature, you can hear yourself think, listening to a unique orchestra of birds.