Fluwels Tulpenland, St. Maartenszee

28 May - 31 Jul 2014

Belkmerweg 65, 1753 GD Sint Maartenszee

Art in the Greenhouse

How to get attention for tulips in an original way? ‘Art in the greenhouse’ is one of the answers to that question.


The greenhouse of Fluwels Tulpenland in Sint Maartenszee is part of our park. Here visitors exploit the wonderful world of growth, color, craftsmanship, technique and flowering tulips. This unique location is available to artists of all disciplines to show their interesting and colorful art starring our beloved tulips.

For inspiration one can always visit our flower bulb nursery and company and of course Fluwels Tulpenland. Artists interested in exhibiting their work in this greenhouse can contact Yvonne Heinis.

The current artists are: Cocky Hoffer-Hietbrink, Nelly Wessels, Marianne Barth-Verkaik, Margreet Frederiks, Margot Ritman, Alejandra van der Velden, Jan Woning, Leon Roodenburg, Nel van Meurs, Marsha Roth Rothlighting, Inge Spijkerman, Josien Hofstra, Marijke Hagen, Annelie Toorians and Marianne Kammerer.